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"" Ten reasons for buying the Microchip Pillar Identification Program

The primary purpose of the Microchip Pillar Identification Program is to provide a unique lasting identification to mark the exact location of a monument, or the exact location of a grave or the exact location of the birth place of a loved one and to keep this record for perpetuity.
The basic purpose of the Microchip Pillar Identification is to identify and differentiate between the location of one grave, or one birth place, or one monument from another for time immemorial.
The microchip in the pillar is passive.  It does not require the use of a battery.  It is only excited to display its unique number when our microchip reader is pointed at it.
The microchip can exist for over one thousand years (1000 years) without being defaced or contaminated by natural elements.
Because the location of a grave, birthplace or monument and its co-ordinates in real time have been established using Global Positioning System, this position on earth surface can still be located if the grave is outgrown with weeds or the tombstone is defaced.
When used to identify graves, the Microchip Pillar Identification prevents controversy over which grave to exhume in case of a legal dispute, and allows husband and wife to be buried next to each other.
With Microchip Pillar co-ordinates established by our Global Positioning System to an accuracy of half a metre of GPS co-ordinates (one of the most accurate GPS systems for now), as against the normal 5 metres, you can get to the monument, grave or birthplace location of your loved one using your SatNav or any Smartphone.
Even if the body of your loved one has been cremated in a remote island, but because the co-ordinates of the location have been established in real time with Global Positioning System for the Microchip Pillar, you or your offspring can still visit the exact location whenever you choose.
Many people have passed through this world without leaving behind a record of their achievement or who they were.  You are the best story teller of your life.  Write your own biography for us to keep among others for posterity.
The world can read about your achievement or biography 24x7.