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NAITID - Our Tec

Our technology

A microchip reader is pointed at the microchip pillar. The unique 15-digit number of the microchip pillar is displayed on the microchip reader's screen. The exact location of the microchip pillar anywhere on the surface of the earth in real time is determined using our Global Positioning System, to an accuracy of half a metre as against the usual 5 metres. The Global Positioning System gives the longitudinal and latitudinal co-ordinates of the microchip pillar.

Microchip Pillar

Microchip Pillar standing on the pavement of Peckham High Road London SE15 UK.

Microchip reader is scanning a Microchip Pillar

A Microchip Pillar has been scanned

A typical Global Positioning System (GPS) is acquiring satellites


The latitude and longitude of a Microchip Pillar have been determined by a typical GPS

All GPS acquires and gathers data from a constellation of 24 to 32 medium orbit satellites to determine a location.

N 51.47097°
Date 20.07.2009

Our GPS FleetM8 an advanced GPS system determines a location to 50 cm accuracy as against usual 5 metres.

E 0.07342° 
Time 11:53:57.02

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Microchip Pillar Identification naitid

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