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"" Who we are?

The development of an application 'The Microchip Pillar Identification Program' was founded by director Dr Samuel B. Goddy of SOSS Ltd to target the USA and European markets, but started operating from London to other nations including West African countries in 2010.

The idea is to provide a unique lasting identification to mark the exact location of a monument; and for individuals, the exact location of the grave or birthplace of their loved ones; then use satellites to navigate this location, and then use high technology to profile, store and retrieve the data of those locations of sentimental value for posterity.

  • We deliver a concrete/ceramic pillar in which is embedded a non-battery operated microchip that remains passive until activated, to identify a monument’s location, or one grave or birthplace location from another.
  • The exact location of the microchip pillar anywhere on planet earth can be tracked and reached by our global positioning system (GPS), one of the most accurate presently available.
  • Data of the person/object associated with the microchip pillar are stored and retrievable from the computer and his biography can be displayed on our website.

Dr Goddy’s professional experiences have taken him around the world, having worked in the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, the United States of America, and Nigeria.

Before establishing this application, Dr Goddy had significant exposure in the area of object and data computerised identification as it applies to the defence, security and leisure industries. The Software products for running the application program were developed by Mr Mark Opinna and assisted by Dr Samuel Goddy.

Dr. Goddy acquired Database Administrator skills at Atlanta Georgia, USA, implementing Oracle Financials and Oracle Developer.  As the Senior Programmer / Developer and Database Administrator for Bromley Further and Higher Education College of London Bromley Borough, he was responsible for the creation and maintenance of Oracle, Microsoft and other programs in the lead responsibility for student achievement and other statistical information required by government and its agencies.  He has experience of over 25 years in IT and Engineering.

In addition, Dr. Goddy’s international engineering experience includes recognition by the Donbass Metallurgical Area of Ukraine (part of former USSR) as an Environmental Expert (Desulphurisation of Metallurgical Plants) and as a result of which he wrote extensive research papers for the region after his M.Sc with distinction in Metallurgical Engineering.

He was also responsible for developing a computer-based production of high technology ceramic zirconia, alumina and other ceramic materials while working as a Post Doctoral Research Officer at the Mineral Engineering Department of Imperial College, London; some of these materials have been adopted for harvesting in fuel cells and for scrubbing nuclear power plants.